Waitlist & Substitution Policy

Our events generally are fully subscribed within days of Opening Day. We have always kept waitlists of late entries through Close, to provide these riders an opportunity to compete as well as to provide partial refunds to the late scratches. We would like to emphasize the importance of sending your complete entry postmarked on Opening Day in order to have the best chance of being accepted to ride in the event. We will post Entry Status lists online within two weeks of the Opening Date and periodically thereafter. Those riders who have delayed their entries, and do not see their names on the list, should assume that they have been placed on the waitlist for their division. Only entries received by Close will be monitored on the Waitlists. Please note that entries received after the Close date will NOT be added to the list. USEA Rule EV106 provides full details regarding entry deadlines. We are happy to answer questions regarding particular entries which are directed to our event secretary Email address.

We have instituted the following policy regarding WAITLISTS:

Riders will be added to the competition in postmark order as we receive scratches in a division for which they are eligible, and will be contacted either via Email or phone. Replaced riders in this process will receive refunds as per USEA rules.

We will continue to monitor the waitlists through the Sunday preceding the start of competition. It is no longer feasible to extend this interval, due to the size of the events and the size of the waitlists. Scratches after this date will not be offered refunds.

The policy for SUBSTITUTIONS is as follows:

Substitution of a fully qualified horse OR rider (not both) in the same division may be made up until the start of the competition. A change fee may be collected. Riders may be asked to present copies of credentials (membership cards, horse registrations) for these late changes before the substitution is completed.

Note that a new entry for a replacement rider/horse combination is NOT a substitution. This applies in particular to changes that might be desired for team members in a Team competition. Team riders must follow the Substitution policy and cannot present a different entry for placement on a team which has lost a member. We will attempt to backfill team slots from the waitlists as stated above when feasible.