Classic Format Important Information!

Here we have 2 very good articles to help you prepare yourself and your horse/crew for a Classic 3-Day Event!

While the USEF Rules for Eventing only includes information for the Training and Preliminary three-day events, The USEA Classic Series Task Force has put together a Classic Series Handbook for organizers and competitors to use as a resource, including specifics for Beginner Novice through Preliminary Classic Series events. The new handbook includes guidelines and regulations for Beginner Novice through Preliminary levels, a specification chart, helpful hints for competitors riding the roads and tracks, and checklists and time tables for organizers to follow.

Get a Copy of the Classic Series Handbook Here – Click to download!

Preparing for Your First 3 Day Event! – Click Here To Read!!

The 10 Minute Box – by Bronwen Batey and Kevin Keane, DVM – Click to Read!!

Below is a explanation of the classic format, and SAMPLES of Time Schedules and Ride Times: