Show Requirements

Health Requirements
The Kentucky Department of Agriculture at the Kentucky Horse Park performs frequent inspections of Coggins certificates and travel health certificates. These records must include vaccination info. Read CVI Details carefully. Please be prepared to produce current certificates at any time.

National Competition Requirements
Riders please note
that every rider in a USEA-sanctioned event at Novice level or above MUST be a current member of the USEA, CEA/HTC, or the Mexican Equestrian Federation. All horses at these levels must also be registered with the USEA. Only riders at the Beginner Novice level will be allowed to compete as non-members, and will be assessed a $25 USEA non-member fee at each event. Additionally, each rider, owner and trainer of a horse competing at the Preliminary level or above must either be a USEF member or pay the appropriate non-member fee. You can view a chart of the registration requirements for every level here.

Rule EV105 concerning Establishment of Qualification and Loss of Qualification at Preliminary level and above should be read in its entirety when planning your competition season. An abridged list of the requirements for national levels of competition is shown here.

Please read the qualifications required for the various levels and division designations of horse trials in the USEA Rules for Eventing. It is the responsibility of the rider to correctly enter the appropriate division.

FEI Competition Requirements
All riders planning to compete in either a CIC or CCI at any level should consult the USEF list of competition requirements regarding the age of horse and rider and qualifying competitions. For detailed information on Qualifiers, visit the USEF website.

FEI Qualifiers
All riders and horses competing in FEI events must be registered on an annual basis with the FEI. This requirement is in addition to existing requirements for horse passports or horse recording. Please note which requirements must be met to compete at the various levels of FEI competition: Riders must be FEI registered for every level of competition, including all levels of CIC and CCI events. Forms are available on the USEF website under the Disciplines tab on the left side of their Home page. All US riders must also be members of both USEF and the USEA. Foreign riders must meet the requirements of their National Federations in addition to the FEI requirements. Horses must be FEI registered for all levels of competition, including all levels of CIC and CCI events. You may find the FEI registration forms online at the USEF website and the USEA website, or you may call 859-258-2472 for copies. In order to complete the registration in time, you must have the form at the USEF office no later than four weeks prior to the first day of Dressage for the event. You may also call the USEF at 859-258-2472 or 908-234-0848 for assistance.

In addition, horses competing at the CCI***,CIC*** or CCI**** levels must have a valid FEI passport. Horses competing in a CCI*/CCI** outside their home country must also have an FEI passport (change of rule effective 2005). Less stringent rules apply at the lower levels, and may be confirmed with your National Federation. ALL riders in every level of FEI events are required to hold either a national or FEI passport. Also, US-owned horses must be registered with the USEA and recorded with the USEF. Again, foreign riders should consult with their NFs to determine recording requirements. New applications for FEI passports include requirements for microchip identification of the horse.

Follow this link for Passport Info.

Each rider competing in an FEI level event must pay an International High Performance fee for each entry.