VIP Spotlight

FullSizeRenderWe are so pleased to welcome Erin Murphy as Event Secretary for the Kentucky Classique HT. Erin has been volunteering for us for several years in scoring and now we were lucky she said yes to this new position.

Let’s get to know her….

“My first horse memory is in Colorado, where I was born, and getting my first horse Cotton. I was about 4 years old, and he was about 40. Ha! But I loved that pony until he ultimately passed away a few years later. I “rode” Cotton around my parent’s farm in Ft. Collins, but I started taking formal lessons at age 7.’

When asked what appealed to her about Eventing, Erin said, “The community around Eventing is the most powerful and appealing thing that keeps me coming back. I have never met a more supportive and welcoming group of people ever.”

The Eventing Nation article covered her introduction to the Secretary life but Erin adds that “Debbie Hinkle is my fairy godmother, and I literally couldn’t do this without her guidance and quick tongue. I have horrid show anxiety, and it has really become more fun managing the shows than to ride in them. But I am lucky to have a trainer/coach/best friend that will take my horse, Porter Paint, to the next level of this sport”.

We imagine that Erin will stay very busy with the Secretary work but in the meantime … “I have just developed a new line of all natural equine products that hit the market this week, Whole Horse Equine, LLC. I received my Equine Business degree from University of Louisville, and I have always wanted to do something with horses in my work life. The chance to do this presented itself when I was told that if I wanted it, I could run with it. Again, great people, and amazing opportunities.”

And when not working, Erin says, “I love riding my horse, more than anything. He can turn the worst day into a good one after a quick hack around the farm”.

Erin was recently featured on Eventing Nation ( – Check it out.

bevhensonBev Henson is irreplaceable. She is so much more than our Administrative Assistant. At Spring Bay, she gathers, nurtures and co-ordinates all the volunteers while building clipboards for each phase, filling coolers, getting lunches, sorting out the radios and stepping in wherever needed – all jobs she does at the other events we do.

Bev started her Eventing life with Painted Stone Horse Trials back in the 1980’s. She also was an Eventing Mom to her daughter Rachel, for many years. There isn’t any job she hasn’t done and her understanding of all the moving parts of a competition – from both sides of the same coin – gives Bev a perspective on the sport she loves.